Relations Series From You to You


Are your spending habits in line with your budget or income? When thinking about or dealing with your finances do you feel drained, stretched to the limit and overextended? Have you lost the battle to save and have financial stability? If you answered yes then it is time for you to break out of your old spending ways and regain control over your financial life. Real Colors is a personality assessment that we will use to find your “color personality” and how it drives your spending. You will learn new approaches to setting a spending goal and take control of your finances.

Every relationship does not last, although we always have the best intentions. Many factors can come into play where the worse cannot get any better.
There is a way to handle this disappointment in a civil way regardless of the incidents that caused you to arrive in the court of divorce.
Jamie will explore with our listeners three points:
Christian View On Divorce
The Finalization of Divorce