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Real Colors®

Real Colors is a personality typing system that enhances communication and the understanding of others and  is easy to apply in everyday life.


Clifton Strengthsfinder®

Through StrengthsFinder you'll gain insight into your areas of greatest potential: the things that you naturally do best.



Myers Briggs Type Indicator helps you understand your type preferences, so you can approach your work in a manner that best suits your style.


self discovery

Learn to achieve understanding and knowledge of yourself to gain a better quality of life for you personally and professionally.

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Pitching woo

WOO is Winning Others Over.  What are you doing to WOO new clients to your brand?


Superheros were ordinary people that did something extraordinary and made a difference.

taco Tuesday

I am not talking about the food,  I am talking about Think About Changing Outlooks.

Author of the upcoming Book

You vs You

A guide to getting from where you are to where you want to be

Live your life now because trying to live it when you are dead makes you a zombie.


It is an amazing fact of life, for many of us, that often the greatest barrier to getting exactly where we would like to be in life, is ourselves.  We are our own hindrance.  So often we see the light at the end of the tunnel, but get distracted by the reflection pinging off the walls.  We realize too late that we were on the wrong track and thus we are now derailed….again.


You vs. You: A Guide to Getting from Where You Are Now to Where You Want to Be is packed with humor, life changing activities, living examples and Psalms 23 to get you moving in the direction of living your life now and not when you are dead.  You vs. You provides simple and realistic steps for the change you so desperately seek and need.


  • Learn to see beyond and love the reflection in the mirror
  • Create an action plan to stop getting invitations to Pity Parties and move up to Passion Parties
  • Stop making a living and start living a life that is fulfilling and draws the right people, experiences and opportunities to you


By the end of You vs. You, you’ll have a sledgehammer to destroy the barriers keeping you from living your life NOW.  You will enjoy life more fully, love more realistically and laugh more joyously.


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