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Hello! I’m Carla Stokes

I am a Success and Spiritual Life Coach  invested in helping people achieve growth in life and business.

As an insightful trainer and mentor, I can help you attain self-realization and self-fulfillment by creating solutions around your needs. My methods for changing self-defeating behaviors are tailored to fit, easy to grasp and deeply profound.

I bring a fresh perspective into every project and offer holistic solutions for mind transformation and mental rejuvenation. My programs are tested and trusted and have helped realign many lives for the better.

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Happy Clients About Me


My testimony is to help those less fortunate than myself.  Sharing my thoughts with Carla and creating a vision board reinforced my attitude to continue to provide service to others.

Karen D.

Thanks to Carla I appreciate the importance of sitting down and planning how my life flows from day to day.

L. J. J.

I had an idea of what I would be doing in the next year or so but now I have thought about tie reason I do what I do.  Thinking through a purpose will lead to greater satisfaction as I do the things I do.  Also, I can cut things that are not as satisfying because they are outside of my purpose.

Vincene C.

Like Ms. Carla said, I've thought about going through the steps first.  So I paid attention to what she said and I keep reminding myself to be happy, love myself and remind myself of what I can do.

Iyanna C.

I want to thank Carla because this exercise has confirmed my thoughts on my purpose.  My wife tells me all the time that I have lived a blessed life.  I must agree.  The good has outweighed the bad.  I plan to continue on and expand the joy I feel with the Lord and Vincene in my life.  Children, grandchildren are just the icing on the cake and I have all my siblings and my 96-year-old mother to share this joy with.

Art C.

Renew your Life. Be who you were meant to be.

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Growing Healthy Relationships: Fertile Fields
Growing Healthy Relationships: Fertile Fields

We have so many relationships in our lives that grow and flourish or struggle. How do we build better healthy relationships?

Overcoming Bad Relationships: Stay On The Bus
Overcoming Bad Relationships: Stay On The Bus

You finally take that walk down the aisle, no not to get married but to give your life to the Lord. You listen to all the information, and you can do it. You think now you will have some awesome relationships. Not so much.

The day my orange personality rose to the surface and threw me off balance.
The day my orange personality rose to the surface and threw me off balance.

I have a high orange personality and I have suppressed it because I didn’t want to be seen as flaky, a goof off, or not on task. I took jobs that let me show a little of my personality but not truly thrive in my personality, the place where I am who I was meant to be. Apparently my orange had...